Accell Well Services will launch new offerings in 2018

Get Ready!

We are proud to announce that we will be open for business and tendering for contracts in the spring of 2018. This website has been put up as a kind of bulletin board as we progress in our journey.

At the moment, we just have a dream and grand plans. I’m Charles, who has 40 years under his belt in the oil industry, and no plans to ever retire. I need to build a team, incorporate a company, and get some customers. Of course, regulatory and safety issues will be important, and a trip to the¬†Canadian Petroleum Safety Council meeting¬†next may will allow me to get re-connected.

We’re looking at a soft launch or spring next year, even if we only have the inspection/ or mobile mechanic part of the business underway.

As you’re probably aware, the oil and gas industry is pretty dire in this part of the world due to the crash. Most predictions for 2017 have been mildly optimistic, where OPEC cuts were expected to help mitigate the supply surplus. Some commentators got it fairly right although were only really half way through the year.

Even in tough conditions, there are opportunities for efficiencies and cost savings.

We believe that Accell Well Services will be fairly robust as even if oil drops back to $20, maintenance, engineers and mechanics will be needed. We’ll keep a small and nimble team until the long term outlook is clearer.

These are going to be our main area target markets:

– Athabasca




Red Deer


Although for special operations, or back-up teams, we’ll look at the overseas market as well. It seems that the US onshore market is robust, and some areas seem like they’ll get a lot of attention. For example, Trump is opening up the Alaskan Arctic, The Norwegians are doing similar. We’ll be available for the occasional overseas trip.